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Barton Creek bass

Barton Creek starts as a trickle in Hays County and meanders northeast until it ends in Lady Bird Lake (aka Town Lake) and Barton Springs Pool.  Barton Creek flows through mostly private property, and doesn’t get much pressure, except at limited “access” points.  These points are usually private as well, and may involve trespass, so “buyer beware”!  The water is Tito’s Vodka clear, and typically cooler due to the spring-fed nature.

Bass on a bedWith lots of boulders, limestone ledges, and root balls, there are plenty of places for fish to hang out.  It’s hard to tell from the above pic, but that water is about 3 feet deep (1 meter).  A friend caught this fish on a 5 weight fly rod, and a bonefish fly!  Go figure?

Nice hiding spot

This guy was hanging out under this limestone ledge, and didn’t hesitate to engulf my offering.  It’s so much fun to actually watch the “take”!  After a brief but valiant battle, it swam off to the shelter of the ledge.

Thanks to all who are following “Hill Country Fly Fishing” – enjoy, and tight lines!

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