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Fall Bass fishing on Lady Bird Lake

Fall Bass fishing on Lady Bird Lake is in full swing right now, and the fish are getting ready for “winter”.  Winter in Austin can be pretty mild, or not.  We have been blessed with lots of rain.  We set a record as the “wettest October” ever in Austin, with over TWO feet of rain!  Unfortunately in fell too far east to really help our Highland Lakes, especially Buchanan and Travis.  Also, that record did cause lots of flooding, and lives were lost and property’s were damaged.

In between storms, we were able to get out and look for fish.  Eric and Jen joined me for a belated birthday celebration,and my hopes were high.  We spent about 3 fruitless hours on the hunt, and then we headed for the SE part of “the Bird”.  I tied on a “Spot Remover”and tipped it with a black/blue “Wooly Hawgtail”.  My buddy Roye turned me on to this setup a few years ago,and it can be really deadly.

Eric was up first, and worked the bait around a large log I had been fishing for the past few months.  As a side note, Lady Bird came up a few feet with the Halloween flood and the log has moved some where else on the lake.  Eric’s efforts were quickly rewarded with this nice little chunk.

Since it was Jen’s birthday trip, he graciously handed her the rod, and she assumed the position.  She really has a knack for “finesse” fishing, and was putting the bait in some great spots.  Unfortunately, she missed the first couple of fish, but she kept after it.  She was soon hooked up with this nice “toad” and was able to finish on a high note.  Way to stick with it, Jen!

That’s all for now.  As always, thanks for participating, and “tight lines”!

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