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Fishing on Lady Bird Lake

Fishing on Lady Bird Lake has been pretty good this past spring.  I ran a promotion on “Living Social” and sold 80 trips on Lady Bird!  I was pleasantly surprised by the numbers, and I would like to thank every one who supported me.  I have met some great people, and they seemed to really enjoy seeing the ever changing Austin skyline from a new angle.  The “boardwalk” section of the hike and bike trail is shaping up nicely, and Shoreline and Riverside Drive’s are really undergoing an amazing transformation!

This past week I had the pleasure of guiding Maverick and Annette.  Maverick is 6 years old, and was an absolute pleasure, as was his mom, Annette.  Annette is a Fifth Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo, and runs a “dojo” in North Austin

Maverick had done some saltwater fishing in the past, and brought his tackle box along for the ride.  It would come in handy later.  We fished for a couple of hours, and it was pretty slow.  Annette had a couple of hits, which I think surprised her!  I have to remind myself not every body fishes 3 or 4 days a week, and setting the hook isn’t a “natural” thing!  Oh well, at least she got a tug.

Maverick had an early morning, and soon announce he was ready to go.  Nap time!  Good thing he brought his tackle box.  I asked him to open it up and show me some of his gear, giving Annette a chance to fish a little longer.  I really enjoyed my time with them, and hope they will come back soon!

After they departed, I headed to the SE section of the lake, to do some exploring.  I rigged up a “Spot Remover” with a “Jackall Flicktail” worm, and caught a couple of bass.  Pretty technical, finesse style fishing, and not for every one.

Until next time, tight lines!




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