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Fly Fishing Mexico

Published on April 4, 2013, by in Fly Fishing Mexico.

Fly Fishing Mexico may seem kind of risky these days, but what isn’t?  Travel smart, plan well, use reputable outfitters – and your trip should be “hitch” free.  This was the case a few years ago when I traveled with “Angling On The Fly” to Cancun.  From Cancun, our escort Beto drove myself and five other fishermen to the sleepy little fishing village of San Felipe, located on the tip of the Yucatan peninsula.  Tarpon Cay Lodge was our destination, and it is located right on the water!  The plan was to spend the next 3 days fishing creek mouths and deeper water for “baby” tarpon and snook.  I must say, mission accomplished!

We caught numerous small to medium sized tarpon, and plenty of snook as well.  The bigger tarpon were located in deeper water a few miles from land, and were hard to keep on the hook!  It was quit a sight the first day when hundreds of tarpon were rolling and jumping as they swam towards the boats!  Talk about “buck fever”!  I couldn’t have hit the water with a brick those first few minutes, I was shaking so bad!  I never did land one of the bigger fish, but i jumped a few, and that was exciting!

From San Felipe, we traveled back to the southeast, to Cancun and Isla Blanca.  Along the way we stopped at “Ek’ Balam”, a major Yucatec – Maya ruin.  There a lots of buildings and pyramids to explore, and more are uncovered every year.  What a spectacular place!

Back on the road, we arrived at our hotel in time for dinner, and some rest.  Up early, grab a bite and some coffee, and off we go!  We drove north about 30 minutes, to the “marina” where are pangas were waiting.  We were fishing the Isla Blanca lagoon system, a large, protected collection of lakes, flats, creeks, and deeper water.  This time, in addition to tarpon and snook, we were hoping to find permit and bonefish.  A couple of weeks before, a fishing publication crew had been there, and one of their camera men caught nine permit while wade fishing!  Hopes were high!  In the end, I ended up catching my first permit (3), a bonefish, and more snook.  What a great trip!

Southwest Airlines has purchased AirTran, and is now offering direct flights between Austin and Cancun!  In less than 3 hours you can be enjoying some of the best Cancun has to offer – great food, amazing accommodations, and some of the best saltwater fly fishing around!

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