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Long Hot Summer on Lady Bird Lake

“Hot town, summer in the city, Back of my neck getting burnt and gritty…”  The Lovin Spoonful

With water temperatures just shy of 90 degrees, “the Bird” was a tough fishery.  July and August were brutal, as was early September.  We finally started getting some rain, and temps cooled off some, so time to get out and fish.  Brian and Gavin joined me for a morning, and it was pretty slow.  They did hook up with this nice fish, and Gavin was pretty stoked!

Paul’s daughter bought him a trip, and we headed out from the ramp at the Holiday Inn.  Paul is 87 years old, and is an amazing fly caster.  He wasn’t comfortable standing up, so he spent his time casting from a sitting position.  This nice fish hit a deer hair popper, and helped put a smile on Paul’s face!

With cooler weather and water, the fishing should improve quite a bit.  Stay tuned for more, and “tight lines”!

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