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Mesa Verde Colorado

Published on April 14, 2014, by in Colorado, New Mexico.

Mesa Verde Colorado was my destination as I left Austin, TX Saturday, April 5.  It was easy going on day one, with a nice tailwind and gentle rolling vistas.  I hit New Mexico in the late afternoon, and headed northwest from there.

I spent the night at Santa Rosa Lake State Park, a beautiful stop in central NM.

Sunday was a much different day, with steep climbs and hefty headwinds!  The Vibe was not happy!  I finally topped out at 7300′ and spent another 3 hours at high elevations, slowly making my way to Bloomfield, and the San Juan River.

After dropping off the Towee, I hit the lower San Juan for some trout fishing.  I wasn’t really prepared for nymphing, so my “A” game wasn’t there.  I did catch a small trout on a drowned dry fly, and then a few more on nymphs, including this one.

Stay tuned for more, and thanks for participating!  Tight lines!

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