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White Bass Fishing

White bass fishing in central Texas is a “spring ritual”, sometimes!  White bass journey upstream to spawn, usually until they run out of water.  Unfortunately, running water has been pretty hard to find lately, and so have the white bass.  Robbie, Rango, and I first traveled to Horseshoe Bay on Lake LBJ, to check out a prior “hot spot”.  NADA!

So we headed back east and stopped off at Muleshoe Primitive Recreation Area, an LCRA park.  Muleshoe is on the south shore of the Colorado River, and about the upper end of Lake Travis.  Easy access was much appreciated, instead of having to hoof it downstream.  I made a couple searching casts,and “THUMP”, a strike!  Finally, a little bend in the rod!  A few moments passed, and the first white bass in 3 years was at hand!

Robbie and Rango joined me, and soon we both had caught some fish.  It wasn’t “red hot”, but we did land about 10 or so.  Most were pretty good sized, about 12 – 13 inches or so.  There might have been a female as well, which are usually much fatter, since they are full of roe.

Speaking of roe – Jesse Griffith’s cookbook “AFIELD – A Chef’s Guide to Preparing and Cooking wild Game and Fish” has a great recipe for fish roe sauteed in brown butter.  TASTY!

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