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Winter Bass Fly Fishing in Austin

Winter Bass fly fishing in Austin Texas can be pretty productive, if the conditions are right.  With high hopes and tempered expectations, Robbie, Rango and I launched his sweet little Gheenoe at Fish Camp.  

We headed downstream to the weir dam, where we hoped to find some white bass or LMB on “beds”.  No whites, no “bedded” bass!  Hmmm,  what next?  We  both started casting into the churning water, hoping for a grab.  I hit the south side of the river, and was rewarded with a scrappy little LMB.  On the next cast, I hooked another!  This fish was bigger – much bigger!  She buried herself in some thick weeds, and I thought I was toast.  Grabbing the 15# flouro leader, I hauled an armful of weeds and a big bass on to shore.

 This was definitely my largest LMB on the fly!  She hit a #4 black swamp monster, one of our go-to flies here in the hill country.

Feeling pretty giddy, we headed upstream.  About a half mile up, the river gets really shallow.  We got out, and pulled the Gheenoe up on an island.

 There is a deeper run just above the island, so we waded out and “flogged” the water.  I hooked 2 more bass, hybrids I think?  They both hit a #4 grey clouser, fished on an intermediate sink tip line.

Robbie finally hooked up, and landed a little hybrid.  

Rango was getting tired, so we packed it in and headed home.  Turns out he swam so much, and wagged his tail so hard, he actually “sprained” it!  All in all, it was a great day on the water!