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Bass fishing on Lake Austin

Bass fishing on Lake Austin is great year round, and last Thursday (Jan. 9) was no exception.  Robbie, Rango, and I launched the Towee at Walsh Landing, and headed out for some night fishing.  We started off at the marina at Westwood Country Club.  There were some very small baitfish working around the lights, but no bigger fish came out to play.  Rowing the Towee inside the marina was perfect – quiet and stealthy, and easily to manage.

Nothing was happening, so we headed out to fish some of the dock lights.  The lights attract bugs, which in turn attract baitfish, which finally attract the predators.  Robbie gave me the first shot when we hit the light, and I took advantage of it!  My second cast was right on target, and I was rewarded with my first Lake Austin bass “on the fly”!

The fish “turn-off” pretty quickly, so mine was the only fish of the night.  We plan on exploring more at night, so stay tuned.  Or better yet, book a trip and let’s fish!

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