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Bass fishing on the lower Colorado

Bass fishing on the lower Colorado can be world class!  The scenery is great, access is pretty good, and the bass fishing can be awesome!  Some say the next Texas state record Guadalupe Bass (currently 3#, 11 ounces) will be caught in the stretch between Austin and Bastrop.  This was not the case on New Year’s Day, yet we had a great day and caught plenty of fish.

Robbie, Rango and I launched at Little Webberville Park, planning to float to Big Webberville Park.  There are adequate boat ramps at both locations, and about 6 miles of water to fish.  This was the first time I floated this stretch in the Towee (, so I was anxious to get acquainted.  With the warm winter days the bass fishing can be great year round here in central Texas.

This nice little Guad hit a small white spinnerbait.  I was throwing light tackle and controlling the Towee while Robbie worked the fly rod and a sinking line.

Robbie’s first fish of 2014!

Rango loves to fish, and it shows!  He is so fascinated by the fish, and loves to get his “mug” in the shot!  Robbie loves to fish as well.

This was the last fish of the day.  I think we finished up with eight or nine.  It was a great way to start 2014, and hopefully there will be many more great days.  Hill Country Fly Fishing will be spending a lot more time on the lower Colorado this year, exploring as much water as we can between Austin and Smithville.  Please join us for a great day on the water!

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