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Fishing Town Lake

Published on June 22, 2013, by in Uncategorized.

Fishing Town Lake has been pretty tough recently, with a couple of days where no fish were brought to the boat!  Some days were better than others, but there wasn’t any real consistency.  Fish were hooked on just about every trip, but hooking doesn’t mean catching!  I did see some encouraging signs my last couple of trips, so I am hoping there will be some improvement.  I mean really, it couldn’t get much worse!  Could it?

This is about the time of years when we start seeing baitfish wads in our local lakes.  The shad are starting to get bigger, and moving out into the deeper, open water in large pods.  The theory is there is “safety in numbers”.  That sort of works, I guess, but it also means that the fish are easier to pick off, and it usually happens when they are trapped near the surface.  I have been seeing bass and gar busting them, so we may have a couple of months off pretty good fishing.  My fingers are crossed.

Until next time, tight lines!

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