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My New Personal Best Largemouth Bass

My new personal best largemouth bass was caught on Tuesday, June 18.  I have been fishing a local “neighborhood gold” pond recently, and it has been producing some great fish.  The sunfish are pretty aggressive, as are the bass.  I had a conversation with the developer a few weeks ago, after I had caught my new personal best (at that time).

He told me that he had stocked these lakes 2 1/2 and 5 years ago, and that he had chosen Florida strain largemouth bass.  I asked “why Florida strain?”, and he responded with a grin, “because they are so aggressive!”  Well done sir, well done!  I returned a few days later, and spotted a good fish in the shallows.  Once again, my new pattern produced a new personal best.

My most recent foray to this great pond started off pretty bad.  I was going to meet a couple youngsters, and try to give them a fly casting/fishing lesson.  It turns out that some ten year old’s might be just a little too young to take up fly fishing.  There is a lot going on with fly fishing, and it is not for every one!  Oh well, hope they try again.

After they departed, I grabbed my TFO 6# Clouser rod, and took a walk around the pond.  It was a little murky from the morning rain, and spotting fish was tough.  I hit a small back section that had produced so well in the past, and made a few casts.  I was stripping my fly slowly, when I saw a big tail waving just below the surface.  I stripped once more, and it was on!  The big fish made a couple good runs, and I had to word hard to keep it out of the elephant ears and other vegetation.  I was able to land the fish after a couple of minutes, and a new personal best was in the record book!

I really like this new pattern and color combination I came up with.  It is deadly!  This particular fly has some deep blue and crawfish orange rabbit fur, and it looks just like the crayfish I have been seeing.  Hope Umpqua decides to tie it for me.  Tight lines!

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